Reset Admin Password

September 2, 2010

Let’s get this started in this way… Have you ever forgot your windows password ? And you’re really mad because just a few seconds ago you knew the password, and now you forgot it? Don’t worry, I know this feeling, and I gotta tell you it’s not a good feeling. In this post I will tell you something that you only dream about it, something that everyone wants to have it, something that can help you to get inside your computer, without knowing the password, something with the name Password Resetter.

This is an incredible software, that can reset your windows (now it works with WINDOWS 7) password, very easy. This software, will help you to change you the password to any user or administrator that is on the computer (on any computer with windows). Here is a short video, about how the software works:

So what do you think ? Personally I think it’s a great software, that can be usefull anytime, because maybe your father will call you and will tell you that he forgot his windows password, and he doesn’t want to reinstall his windows or something like that (which is the method that everyone is using while forgeting the password, reinstall windows). The software can be used for hacking into someones system, but remember that I am not trying here to tell you how to hack in someones computer, I am just trying to tell you if you forget your windows password, how can you solve it without any problems. The software is at the price of only $29.99 (initial price $49.95). To download the software click the download button