Monitor Internet Activity

August 27, 2010

Hello. My name is Andrei Steinbach, and this is my first review about one of the products that I like, internet monitor activity. So… let’s get it started. I will try to explain the best that I can explain in this review, and sorry for my english, if I have some mistakes. Enjoy it:)

In this review, I am going to talk about a product, that worked and works for me, to monitor my internet activity. Maybe you think about, why should I monitor my internet activity ? Well, the main reason, about this product, is that you can monitor your child, or wife, or man activity.

Maybe you are thinking that your child is not doing his homework, when he still sads on the phone Yes dad, I am making my homework right know (but still you hear a strange voice on the phone, maybe a computer game, or he is chating, navigating, doing some stuff that maybe he shouldn’t do it). I found this very good software that can monitor everything that is going on in your computer. You can even read his mails, or … see on what website he is navigating, what he talked on the chat, you can even take screenshots of the screen, without him to know, and the best thing (that I like the most) is that you can send the results via email, to your inbox. I like a lot that feauture. What I thought the first time, is to buy a software that only saves the keystrokes, so I wanted a keyrecorder. But I just stumpled on this software that, well, a lot of people say in different things, but now I can say it too it changed my life. I found a lot of keyrecorder softwares, but they were too expensive. This software, that includes all this features, was the software that I was looking for, for months.

Well, this software can help you to monitor your wifes activity, on the computer, or mans. For me it worked out with my child, so now I can tell him what things are good to do, and what things not. I am not a bad parent, I am a very good parent, and I like to socialize with the kids, but there are some things, that a child should do, and not.

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The third think that I thought about, but didn’t tryed, but it will work, for sure, belive me, to hack people. Maybe your brother is coming in visit to you, and he wants to check his mail box, well… I think that you think what I think too, right ? Yes, you can save his email passwords, and everything. I don’t recommend this but… maybe it will be for a good cause, who knows?

This are the theree good reasons that I thought about when I saw the software, and I bought it just in seconds. The best reason for me was, to monitor my kid, to see what he is doing on the PC. This worked for me. The other reasons that I mentioned, are still some good reasons, for buying this software. Maybe you have better reasons, for buying this software. You can buy the software by clicking the download button.