Block Certain Websites

September 1, 2010

Hello guys. In this review I will show you how to block certain websites. Maybe you read my post Monitor Internet Activity wich can be found here. In that post I was talking about, how to monitor internet activity, and how to see what kind of websites are your children navigating. Well, in this post I am going to tell you about a awesome product, which should be part 2, of the internet monitor activity. This software will help you to restrict/ block certain websites, so that you children can’t navigate to porn, or what kind of site you wish. I am going to let you a few moments with this video… To see more what I’m talking about. Enjoy

Well, what do you think about the video ? Everything what is told in the video, is true! Yes, is true.

The software has some real good feautures, it can not only block porn websites, it can block even facebook, myspace, hi5, or youtube, ustream, and all this kind of website. I was very surprised to see that it can block, websites on categories, like: porn, social networks, video sharing.

(Click the image, for full size)

I think if you have a kid that has around 10-16 years, but … I think the age doesn’t even matter, because if you have a 7 years old kid, and he wants to play on some mini online games, you don’t want him to see some sexual material, pictures, or videos or something like that.  The software is not a the price at only $29.95, I think this is a very very cheap software, for a very very good software. Click the download button, for downloading the software.