Mobile Phone Spyware

September 2, 2010

Hei guys, in this review I am going to tell you about the next generation of spyware softwares, mobile phone spyware. In the last 4 years, I didn’t even thought about in our days, will be iPhone 4G or iPad or mobile phones made by google, but the most important thing is I didn’t thought, that it will be a sort of softwares, that can record your conversations, read your messages and even track your location. Well, this is wow! So I found a really really nice software.

The software is SpyBubble, and it has a lot of feautures. It works on almost smartphones and Blackberry mobile phones. Let me show you this video, about mobile phone spyware, to get more into my ideea.

So what do you think about it ? Well, me personally I think if you want to track, or listen to someones conversations, read his messages, or even see what contacts does it have in the Address Book, I think this is the right spyware that you’re looking for. The think is the software is now at the price of $59.59 (initial price:$149.95), which is very low. You can register the software with $59.59, you will have the software, which you will install on the mobile phone, and you can track it from every computer on the internet, because the informations will be send to a server, and you will be able to have access, with your login details from everywhere, where you have an internet connection. And here is another PLUS that the software has, you can buy only one account, that means you can register only one time, but you can install the spyware on hundreds of mobile phones, and you still pay for only one account. To download the software, click the download button.


“I need to make money”

September 1, 2010

“I need to make money!” this is a very good affirmation,  right ? In this product review, I am going to tell you how I made some real good money, in some very short time. If you type in the google search box “make money fast”, I think the first 3 pages, are only scams (scams – are websites that are trying to trick you, to make money from you, or to work for them, and they will not pay you, all this kind of things are scams), but I am going to tell you a method, that really worked for me, and it will work for you too, if you have confidence, and you really want to make some real good money. Let’s get it started

The method that I used, is called blogging on autopilot.  To start from the beginning, a blog, is similar to a website. 1) A blog it’s free, and I think it will always bee. 2) You can post everything that you want, everything. 3) You can make money from it! Let me tell you guys how you can make money from a blog. There are 2 big categories of blogs on the internet right now, wordpress and blogger. On this blog, that you are reading this post now, I am using wordpress, but when I used the method to make money I used it on blogger. Why ? Let me tell you the steps.

WordPress is better in the design, and it has very good plugins. That’s why I use it now, because I like the themes from wordpress, and all this kind of things. WordPress it known as the best blog platform that is not on the internet.

Blogger is from google. So while I used blogger is because, I used adsense (adsense it’s a way to get monetized with your site or blog, by signing up to adsense, and posting ads on your blog/website) too, from google too. So I thought that would be better to use blogger, with adsense. I don’t know if it matters but, I can tell you only that you can’t use adsense on wordpress, if you don’t host it, by buying a hosting service from hostgator, or another service. But on blogger, you can add ads to your blog, without any problems. On wordpress there are some plugins that allows you to do this, but only if you make your host.

So basicly what I used was, blogging, and getting monetized from adsense. The software, that made my economy growing, is this one. It’s explaining everything what I explained you, but in the BIG sense. The main ideea of the software, is to make money from blogging, with adsense on autopilot, that means you will only sit back, going to vacantion, and you will see the money in your account, when you will be back from the vacantion.

The software will help you to:

  • extract content from feeds
  • works with blogger and wordpress
  • it can translate extracted content to make it unique
  • it will remove linkbacks and post images locally
  • schedules posts to future dates automatically
  • with one install you can post to over 1000 blogs

So the software, will make your blog to be everytime with unique and good content, that’s what attracts visitors, a lot of them, and you will make money insane from your ads. You can buy the software right here, now it costs $99, I think now much, because you will make that money back very quick. For downloading the product please click the download image, shown here.