Make money online



by Andrei Steinbach

Hei guys. I just thought about to share with you my experience, that I got in the last 3 years, and to tell you how I’ve started to make money online, and what methods are working and what. I am sharing this for free, because if you read this, you want to make money online, and you need some help right ? Ok, so I am going to tell you the methods that worked for me and how do I started.

PS: Everything that I share right here with you are NOT SCAMS!. So you can try all the methods without being tricked out or something like that.

1. Freelancer

What’s a freelancer ? A freelancer is a person that is working for other guys, online, on websites. The thing is, a buyer leaves a project request, you bid on it, and if he agrees with you, you got the project. So, you can check,, This are the websites that I worked for as a freelancer. There will be projects like “custom logo needed”, or “wordpress plugin” and stuff like that. You have to bid on a project, for example $100, you can talk with the buyer, about your exprience and all that, and what can you do. If you agree with him, and he agrees with you, you’re on! You will get your money via paypal, western union, etc. Depends on the website. I worked on, the most of my freelancer part, you can bid on how many projects you want (hopefully now it’s the same thing) but the comission is around %15, but on the comission is around %8, but you have only 30 bids/month. Anyway, you can go to that websites, and see more about this job. My biggest income was around $400/month, but not bad because I started from 0 and with no investement.

2. it’s a website, where people post gigs (i.g “I can make you a good rap song”, but for only $5. So, you can post everything “I can sing you happy birthday, on the cell phone”, but only for $5. You can post everything, but people will pay you only with $5. It’s something simillar with freelancing. Anyway, I can tell you my secret, I used a lot, but I was contacting people, and I was telling them to contact me directly via email, and after that we talked about the price, I made in 1 week/$200, do you believe it ? Just for contacting people from, and I did for them facebook fan pages, or something like this.

3. Make money with youtube (facebook, twitter)

How can you make money with the social networks ? Well, it’s very very simple. Let’s start from the beginning. There is a website,, you can register for free, after registering, go to marketplace. You can type in the search box, everything for example, iPhone. Maybe you will see, “how to create iPhone applications”, this can be an ebook. You click the promote button, and clickbank will give you an unique link. Ok, the thing is, if you make sales from that link you will get a comission. Every product has it’s comission, for example %75, so if you promote an product that costs $100, you will get $75, from just one sale, that’s a lot of money if you can promote that product. So now… you can go to youtube, and see the most viewed videos, that have around 3-4 million views, in the first week or something like that, and you can give the user an message (see if the user is making money from youtube, with ads, if yes, don’t try it) and tell him something like Hello, my name is … I just saw that you have some good videos. I was thinking about a business opportunity for you, you just have to put a link in the description or make an annotation with my link. If I get any sale, you will become %25 from the sale. Something like that, you can change the message, you can give him %50 or how much you want. Make the message to be very catchy, and you will make a lot of money from this. Facebook and twitter the same thing. If you have a lot of friend, you can just post on the wall, send messages or tweet about a product. But keep in mind! make the message to be very very catchy so that people will click on the link.

4. Make money blogging

How can you make money blogging ? It’s a very simple method that can get you a good income. You can see that in our days, there are a lot, and I really mean a lot of blogs, the most internet users have a personal blog. So your mission is to create a good blog, remember when you do this, make a blog about something that you like, an hobby or something like that, in this way you will work with more passion. So you create a blog let’s say a blog about cars. Ok, if you are interested in cars, maybe this will we your blog. Ok you create your blog, and you make your content to be very good, and catchy too. Again you tweet about your blog, you post messages on forums, wherever it’s a lot of traffic, and people go. But, how do I make money with it ? Ok, now after your blog is ready, or in construction, you have to create an account on adsense (by google), and you will get ads, the ads that you see on the most websites. So basicly, people are going to your blog, clicking ads, you make money. It’s not that simple, but this is the ideea.

Thanks for reading my Make money online post, hopefully it helped you in some way, that’s why I  shared this for free, but if it helped you, you can make a donation. What I wrote here, are just the main ideas about how to make money, if you have some questions you can send them to, and I will respond as soon as possible. Peace


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